How Dumb is… Episode 1


So, good muslim girl (my wife) and I were talking. Talking about dumb sayings. We were watching Dora the Explorer, a children’s television show. Dora was wishing on a star. So I started to think about this saying. I find it bizarre and ignorant that people would actually do this in real life. Who came up with this? In modern times, clearly most people know better than worshiping idols such as physical statues. How is wishing on a star any different? Why would any sane adult actually do this? I understand longing for something. As Muslims, of course we make Dua’a. But longing for something and actually wasting the energy to really seek out a star and make a wish is totally confounding to me. What do you think about this? Let’s see if GMG ever lets me write one of these again.


One thought on “How Dumb is… Episode 1

  1. Dear GMG’s hubby – I think Dora is lame, but for so many reasons other than the fact that she wishes on a star. I think wishing on a star is more of a saying than anything one needs to take literally!!

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