Hello world!

Hello World,

Thank you for visiting our introductory blog!

The Good Muslim Girl website is dedicated to helping Muslim’s celebrate holidays and special occasions by providing Islamic inspired gifts and party supplies.   At Good Muslim Girl, we are constantly searching for new ideas, products and interesting ways of celebrating Islamic holidays and life’s special events.  Often our search reveals great products which we are delighted to offer on our site, however equally as often we come across many lovely items including clothing and accessories, ranging from high end luxury goods to “attention k-mart shoppers”.   Now due to our limited product capacity,  we can’t offer these items to our customers.  However, we do wish to bring them to  attention of our customers via this blog.

So let’s dive right in.

Ok, so spring is on the way.  Woo Hoo!   Get ready to trade in your thick comfy sweaters for light-weight blouses and fun colorful jewelry.   Check out these beautiful accessories  from Trina Turk.

Cute, right!  $248.00  Pricey, but cute.

The gold cuff on the left is $176.00 and the bangles on the right are $98.00 each.  Again, pricey, but sooo cute.

Next on the list is Tory Burch.  Now Tory definitely knows how to cut a tunic.  Although there was a time when that’s all she was known for, she has really expanded her collection, now only making a few of her classic long tunics.

This tunic is a beautifully embellished very lightweight tunic with the classic TB cut.  It come is 3 lovely colors beige, khaki and black with embellishments about the neck, hem line and sleeves (not shown). $495.00

For $575.00 Tory has an embroidered caftan which can be worn with white pencil pants to create a pulled together day time look if your going some place where jeans aren’t appropriate.

Check out toryburch.com for more info.

These are sure to be hot items for spring, so wait for the sale price, but don’t miss out!


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